Cerprak released EMC E20-585 training exam material

January 29,2018 04:12 AM
Cerprak released EMC E20-585 training exam material. Know the E20-585 Specialist - Systems Administrator, Data Domain exam basic information, exam topics and demo questions in this post easily. Certpark full version of the exam questions could ensure you clear your EMC E20-585 certification exam test 100%.

Basic Information
Duration: 90 minutes
Number of Questions: 60
Passing Score: 63% 

Exam Topics
Data Domain Fundamentals
Data Domain Extended Retention Administration
Data Domain Cloud Tier Administration
Data Domain Implementation in Backup Environments and Integration with Application Software
Data Domain System Administration

Deom Questions
Which protocol is used with Dell EMC Data Domain Cloud Tier to transfer data between a Data Domain system and the cloud?
Answer: C

An administrator is looking for a way to change each company department for storage utilization on their Dell EMC Data Domain systems. How can this be implemented in Data Domain?
A. Create an MTree for each department with soft and hard quotas.
B. Create a restricted data zone for each department.
C. Configure an administrative file system for each department.
D. Add a controller for each department to each Data Domain system.
Answer: A

When implementing Extended Retention on a Dell EMC Data Domain system, which license is required?
A. Replication
B. Shelf Capacity
C. Retention Lock Compliance
D. Retention Lock Governance
Answer: B

Which Dell EMC Data Domain model supports Data Domain Extended Retention software?
A. DD860
B. DD2200
C. DD2500
D. DD6300
Answer: A

A delivery specialist wants to integrate a Dell EMC Data Domain system into an existing backup environment using NAS. What are the supported protocols?
A. CIFS and NFS only
B. CIFS, NFS, and DD Boost only
C. CIFS, NFS, and VTL only
D. CIFS, NFS, DD Boost, and VTL
Answer: D

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