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March 23,2018 04:14 AM
300-101 Implementing Cisco IP Routing ROUTE exam is a qualifying exam for the Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching and CCDP certifications. The ROUTE 300-101 exam certifies the routing knowledge and skills of successful candidates. They are certified in using advanced IP addressing and routing in implementing scalable and highly secure Cisco routers that are connected to LANs, WANs, and IPv6.

Cisco ROUTE 300-101 exam also covers the configuration of highly secure routing solutions to support branch offices and mobile workers.

Which three problems result from application mixing of UDP and TCP streams within a network with no QoS? (Choose three.)
A. starvation
B. jitter
C. latency
D. windowing
E. lower throughput
Answer: ACE

Which two actions must you perform to enable and use window scaling on a router?(Choose two.)
A. Execute the command ip tcp window-size 65536.
B. Set window scaling to be used on the remote host.
C. Execute the command ip tcp queuemax.
D. Set TCP options to "enabled" on the remote host
E. Execute the command ip tcp adjust-mss.
Answer: AB 

Which statement about the use of tunneling to migrate to IPv6 is true?
A. Tunneling is less secure than dual stack or translation.
B. Tunneling is more difficult to configure than dual stack or translation.
C. Tunneling does not enable users of the new protocol to communicate with users of the old protocol without dual-stack hosts.
D. Tunneling destinations are manually determined by the IPv4 address in the low-order 32 bits of IPv4- compatible IPv6 addresses.
Answer: C 

Under which condition does UDP dominance occur?
A. when TCP traffic is in the same class as UDP
B. when UDP flows are assigned a lower priority queue
C. when WRED is enabled
D. when ACLs are in place to block TCP traffic
Answer: A

A network administrator executes the command clear ip route.
Which two tables does this command clear and rebuild? (Choose two.)
A. IP routing
C. ARP cache
D. MAC address table
E. Cisco Express Forwarding table
F. topology table
Answer: AB

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