Valid H35-211 HCNP-Access Network training material

April 04,2018 07:30 AM
Certpark V8.02 H35-211 HCNP-Access Network training material is out now. You could keep all of the real questions and answers in your mind then take your HCNP-Access Network certification exam is ok. 

HCNP-Access Network certification exam description

The HCNP-Access Network curriculum includes, but is not limited to principles of PON, xDSL, data communication, SNMP, NMS, network protection, DHCP/PPPoE, troubleshooting, hardware architecture and features, FTTx plan and design, update and upgrade.

Before getting your HCNP-Access Network certification, you should practice H35-211 HCNP-Access Network the real questions like the following shows:

H35-211 HCNP-Access Network Sample questions for you to view easily.

When a UA5000 expands ADSL users, after the upper layer completes data configuration, the dial-up test prompts error 678. The dial-up is unsuccessful. What are the possible causes? (Multiple Choice)
A. The main control board does not work
B. The uplink related VLAN is not correctly configured
C. Outer Cause
D. UA5000 Data Configuration Error
Answer: ABCD

Which layer of the OSI reference model does the Ethernet switch work on?
A. Physical layer
B. Data link layer
C. Network layer
D. Transport layer
Answer: B

The process of voice fault location can be generally divided into: troubleshooting external devices, locating faults on specific devices, and locating faults on boards.
A. True
B. False
Answer: A

In the Solaris environment, which of the following commands (parameters) is used to unconditionally terminate a process?
A. kill -7 pid
B. kill -8 pid
C. kill -9 pid
D. kill -10 pid
Answer: C

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